An elaborate organ used in urination, intercourse, and you will breeding

Your penis try a complicated outside body organ within the people always pee as well as for gender and you can reproduction. It consists of multiple pieces, such as the axle, head, and you will foreskin.

This post means the latest anatomy and you will reason for the penis, and additionally problems that could affect the big event or looks of the manhood at the beginning or later in daily life.


The penis are at leading of the system on the bottom of the new hips. The fresh new scrotum, who has the testicles, lies around the knob.

The penis try well-supplied by bloodstream. The shaft, that contains the urethra and you will three columns out-of erectile structure, was wrapped in a ring out-of connective cells called the fascia and you may wrapped in body. The bottom of the penis try supported by conjunctive structures, entitled suspensory ligaments, you to support the dick close to the pelvic bone.

You will find an extensive version inside manhood size, in addition to mediocre soft (“soft”) duration of a manhood is actually step 3.5 ins. The common duration of an upright knob try 6 in, which have the common width of five in.


The key qualities of your own manhood is actually urinary and you may sexual. The sexual aim of your penis can be defined as one or two stages: hard-on and you may climax.


Urination is the launch of pee on human anatomy. This occurs whenever pee seats about bladder from the urethra for the meatus. The brand new urine was pushed from the body by contraction of one’s detrusor muscle mass regarding the wall surface of kidney.

Between your penis plus the bladder is the outside sphincter muscles, in fact it is controlled to hang from inside the otherwise release pee.


An erection ‘s the stiffening of the penis considering sexual pleasure and/or bodily pleasure. It is very normal having erections to occur during sleep and you can abreast of awakening. A hardon is when there’s an elevated blood circulation into the corpus cavernosa and you will corpus spongiosum.

Through the a hardon, blood vessels supplying the erectile frameworks have a tendency to dilate (widen), inducing the penis so you can engorge (fill) which have bloodstream. The new engorgement compresses brand new veins by which blood usually exits new manhood. So it “traps” the new blood and helps suffer new hard-on.


Ejaculation ‘s the release of semen regarding human body. It certainly is accompanied by a sexual reaction entitled a climax.

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